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2019 Big Fish Video

We are super excited about our new video! We are sorry many of your pictures did not make it. The pictures that made it are not always the biggest fish. They are the pictures that turned out the best in regards to people's smiles, clarity, and lighting. We are limited to cell phone cameras with unpredictable weather and shadows. With that said, I am pleased with how this video turned out. We can't always get the biggest fish pictures to turn out, but we sure tried our best. We will make a new video each year to keep everyone up to speed. Expect 2020's video to be even more exciting. Please share this with your family and friends. It tells the story of why our fishing grounds are some of the best in the US, and probably the world. We now have a NOAA Federal Reef and Pelagic permit on my boat. We can go after the monsters in deeper, cooler water during the summer time past the 9 mile FL State water line. This is especially valuable during snapper season. Snapper move out past where 95% of local state water licensed Charter captains are confined to. We are already booking trips fast for the peak season so don't wait to save your dates for 2019.

This video is on our main website, please share the link below.

Thank you!

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