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22Plinkster Red Snapper Fishing St George Island, FL

Sharing my neck of the woods with another successful outdoorsman is something that I cherish. When I get to spend time with someone I want to be like when I grow up, it makes it that much better. This day, I take my mentors 22Plinkster, his cameraman Tim, and Eric and Chad from IV8888 offshore with me in some less than desirable conditions looking for an adventure. We went out there and ran a fishing clinic. Except for the beginning, when the toothy critters wouldn't leave us alone, it was a great day fishing with friends. There may have been plenty of laughs and crap talking. The world class Red Snapper fishing 45 minutes from the dock in Apalachicola, FL was just the icing on cake. We fished SW of St George Island, FL. Near Mexico Beach, FL and Port St Joe, Fl.

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