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Barracuda, Barracuda... everywhere

Watch out, at the Apalachicola City, St George Island, Franklin County reefs and the old Air Force towers just to the south them. The Barracuda are very thick the deeper you get. Get your catch to the boat fast or you will be feeding them. On our way out to one of the towers it was flat as a mirror. We ran into literally millions of Jelly fish. The Barracuda are breaking off 40-60lb wire with ease most of the time. Make sure you gear up if you want to get anything to the boat, or just reel like your life depends on it. We try both =) Also, if you get to close to the tower you may want a rain jacket. The birds pooing have like sniper lever accuracy when you get too close. Just when the sharks start to thin out, the other toothy critters move in. Got our first trip out of Panama City,FL coming up, so look for that update in a week or so. 

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