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IV8888 RANGE DAY 2019

I am always looking to meet more like minded people who have the same passion for adventure and interesting life experiences as I do. This is especially true with firearms and people that are passionate about them. Weapons have been near and dear to my heart since serving as an Aircraft Weapons Troop in the US Air Force and serving in the 34th Infantry division Redbulls on active duty with the Minnesota National Guard. Anytime I get together with gun guys, there is usually a huge presence of veterans as one might expect.

Doing things with my brothers and sisters in arms is something I will always make time for, especially if it involves shooting dozen of automatic weapons, amongst many other wicked offerings.

When my buddy Eric from Iraqveteran8888 invited me to go to range day, it took me like a nano second to confirm I would be there. IV8888 Range Day is the largest gathering around of gun insiders and companies that come together to make social media content and network with each other on future projects. IV8888 Range Day is probably the most American thing a person can participate in, and that simply doesn't suck. Thank you to the Brownells team for making this happen and putting me and Eddie Carmen up for the weekend in a sick lake side home.

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