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Capt. SGT Peterson's Fishing Charters in Panama City!

Capt. SGT Peterson's now servicing Panama City!

Capt. SGT Peterson's port in Panama City, FL
Beacon Beach Marina Tyndall, AFB Florida

About Tyndall AFB / 2 FS Veteran Capt. "SGT" Peterson


Inspire continuous improvement through camaraderie and the outdoor movement.  We believe in leading life our own way by blazing our own trail. We don't always know what that is going to bring us everyday but we know the path will be our own, and it will be interesting. If we are lucky it may even turn into a tale or two for the campfire that evening or for your children someday. Capt "SGT" Peterson has been perfecting his 5 Step Proven Process for catching only the biggest fish since the age of 4 on the lakes, rivers and creeks of Northern Minnesota and Canada. It is a simple but effective method to catch the biggest of the species that has been tested in waters all over the world.  From 40 inch Northern Pike and Large Muskies, Big Walleyes, Large and Small Mouth Bass and Massive Lake Superior Lake Trout in our home state of MN all the way to Giant Southern Stingrays in Tampa Bay, Capt. "SGT" Peterson has them figured out.  He has caught huge Spinner Sharks in the Atlantic and the biggest Salmon and Halibut in Alaska.  He has fought with barracudas with teeth bigger than kitchen knives in the Pacific to the biggest Bull Red Fish, Kings, Grouper, and sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. There are not many guides that have caught as many species of fish as Capt. "SGT" Peterson. Many guides can catch you a bunch of little fish. Some can catch you a limit of keepers. Few can boat trophies. If you believe what we believe, maybe you should try us. You just might find a guide for life. You may become part of the Capt. "SGT" Peterson's extended family and come back year after year like so many. We don't make clients, we make friends. If your service is at anytime not up to your satisfaction, we will make it right ASAP. We believe in Kaizen, the ancient Japanese word that means continuous improvement. We apply this to everything in our lives from family matters to fishing. If you believe in sharpening your blade until it's razor sharp then you are probably just like us.

Back in the late 90s, I was stationed at Tyndall AFB. In January of 1999, I unprocessed the 2nd Fighter Squadron, and then left for Osan AFB South Korea in the fall of 2000. I was promoted to Senior Airman, Below the Zone for my various volunteer work, on and off base, including work with the Tyndall Air Force Base Honor Guard doing dozen of funerals in my off duty times all over the South Eastern United States. My weapons loading crew also won Weapons loading crew of the quarter out of dozens for eligible crews. Had it not been for permanent change of station Osan AFB in South Korea, I may have been a part of the crew that went on to win load crew of the year.

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