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Coronavirus NO FISHING & Boat Ramp Closures - Saltwater Fishing Report - Florida- USA - CAROL Baskin

The More Than Just Florida Fishing Report 4-21 with Capt SGT Peterson and Capt Grayson Shepard in Apalachicola, FL. In this video that B Carol Baskin closing are boat ramps. Coronavirus boat ramp closures, coronavirus lawsuit, government bail outs of the fishing industry in Florida. The More Than Just Florida fishing report covers big fish catches, fishing techniques, and current events in the fishing industry in Florida, the United States and saltwater fishing all over the world. Michigan coronavirus lawsuits, social distancing on charter boats, coronavirus 14 day QUARANTINE. Coronavirus YouTubers react to boating restrictions all over the United States. Make sure to watch the whole video so you don't miss a thing. Article mentioned. If you only book a fishing trip once in a while, please consider going me next time. We book up over a year in advance. Call 850-901-7157 or email Special thanks to Captain Grayson Shepard. Website → Instagram → Facebook → Twitter → Linkedin → To buy our shirts, hats, and sweatshirts → Help me take disabled, combat, and active duty veterans fishing by donating to: → → More than just fishing with Capt Tim "SGT" Peterson a US Air Force and US Army Veteran of 15 years.

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