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Mercedes DAS - Xentry (Star Diagnosis) 1.2012 (1st - ORIGINAL We Utorrent




Lately Im getting 'this' when turning my Computer on. You know when you get that "coaster" moment from time to time. I have to turn it off and then restart it again to get my computer to run smooth. My computer runs smooth. & also when I click on Tasks & such on my start menu, when it takes me to that screen, it takes a VERY long time for it to load. This I know is not normally the case. This also happens when my friend runs his PC. How do I fix this and stop this from happening? Thank You Very Much in Advance! Once I got this message I gave up. I don't have a data base and haven't even tried anything but I do want to look at "Disk Management" on my computer to see if I could find anything there. One other thing I should mention. I do have a PSP and a MP3 player and I have to work on my game caddy thingy to load my games or music. So that could be the reason I think. I thought maybe they could be causing some problems with my hard drive. If you are having "this" problem, it sounds to me like it is a disk problem. You might just try a "clean" of the disk... It could be that the disk is filled up or corrupted... If you have a DVD+R/W drive and a CD-R/W drive, it will be very easy to use CD or DVD cleaning software. There are free and paid programs out there. You can use a USB memory stick, a CD/DVD or a USB CD/DVD to clean the disk. There are good programs out there. Look on Ebay, NewEgg, Any of them should have free software for disk cleaning. Back in the Windows 98 days, I had an intermittent problem where my PC would sometimes just not respond until I turned it off and back on. This would happen on a regular basis... I eventually found out that when the power went out, something was jamming the hard disk and it was related to the intermitent errors. Even with a "clean" of the disk, it kept happening. It finally came to a point where I said to hell with it... I bought a new hard drive, then a new PC and put my old hard drive in it. I tried everything I could think of to




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Mercedes DAS - Xentry (Star Diagnosis) 1.2012 (1st - ORIGINAL We Utorrent

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