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Net Reflector 8 [Latest]




.NET Reflector has just been upgraded to version 4.0. You can try it for free here .NET Reflector is probably the best known decompiler available for.NET, but for some very simple reasons, it is not the most useful. This short blog post will demonstrate how it works and highlight some of the limitations you may not have considered. Before I begin, I'd like to make something very clear: This is not a walkthrough of how to decompile your code. You won't learn how to write decompilers. This is a very brief introduction to how.NET Reflector works, so you will understand what it does (and what it can't do). .NET Reflector is a very powerful tool, and should be used with care. In particular, it is not intended to be used as a quick-and-dirty reverse engineering tool. How.NET Reflector works To understand how.NET Reflector works, let's start with a code-compile of a very simple program. First of all, we want to make sure we have a C# or VB compiler installed. On Windows, this can be done using the Compile With... menu item in Visual Studio. On Unix, I recommend using MonoDevelop. Second, we need to create a file, so the compiler can create file for us. We also need an assembly manifest to tell the compiler about the file and how we plan to use the generated file. #pragma comment (lib, "mscorlib.dll") #pragma warning disable 1591 class Program { [STAThread] static void Main(string[] args) { } } Visual Studio: MonoDevelop: .NET Reflector should be able to decompile file, provided that it has a manifest. Now we need to compile this code to create file and an assembly manifest. We use the C# compiler. We use the OpenFileDialog control to open the file for compilation. The filter property is set to Assembly (*.il, *.dll). We will call the OpenCompile method of the FileOpenDialog.NET object. We are passing in the file path of our compiled code, and use the openCompile method to start the compilation process. In this example, we are only interested in the compiled assembly file. We are using the Assembly.



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Net Reflector 8 [Latest]

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